Hike Schedule Fall 2018

All outings depart 17th & K Streets at 8:00 am sharp unless otherwise noted. In the description VA indicates suburban pickup in Virginia while MD means suburban pickup in Maryland (see maps of pickup points). Hikes marked MD & VA will pick up at both suburban locations. Hikers should be at suburban pickup points by 8:20 am.

You don't need be a WB member to join us on a hike!

To reserve:

First time hikers please call a leader at one of the telephone numbers listed at the end of the hike description. All otheres can reserve by email or phone.

It is club policy that hikers new to the club will take the moderate hike. If you sign up for a hike, don't be a no-show! (click here for no-show policy). Please try to sign up before 4:00 pm Friday afternoon before the hike! Otherwise the hike may be cancelled due to low number of sign-ups. And PLEASE don't call leaders after 9:00 PM!

The distance and the elevation of the hikes are estimates.

October 7 - North Mountain, Hunkerson Gap, Orkney Springs and Falls Ridge Trails, GWNF, VA

Today’s hikes traverse a portion of the North Mountain section of the proposed Tuscarora-Allegheny Link Trail. Long hikers ascend Falls Ridge Trail from Dellinger Gap and go south on North Mountain Trail to Orkney Springs Trail, which they descend to the bus. Moderate hikers ascend Hunkerson Gap Trail to North Mountain Trail then go north to Orkney Springs Trail, and like the long hikers, descend it to the bus.

Est.: 14 miles, 2500' elevation gain and 9.5 miles, 2300' elevation gain. PATC Map F. Fare: $20/$25.

Leaders: Jaime Iranzo, jaimeiranzo@gmail.com, 301-503-3574 and Lindsay Dudbridge, lindsay.dudbridge@gmail.com, 703-731-2070 (VA)

October 14 - Catoctin Trail, Hamburg Road to Manor Area, MD

Long hikers start at the intersection of Gambrill Park and Hamburg Roads and follow Hamburg Road to the Catoctin Trail, which they go north over rolling hills and past picturesque lakes to the Manor Area. Moderate hikers follow the route of the long hikers, starting further along at Delauter Road.

Est.: 11 miles, 1200' elevation gain and 8 miles, 800' elevation gain. PATC Map 5. Fare: $20/$25.

Leaders: Robert Holley, reilex@yahoo.com, 571-247-2172 and Barbara Blaylock, b.blaylock@verizon.net, 301-564-1249 (MD)

October 21 - Laurel Lake, Michaux State Park, PA

Starting at Route 94, long hikers follow the AT south over Trents Hill, across Tagg Run and along the ridge of Piney Mtn. to the Pole Steeple Trail. There they turn right onto the Pole Steeple trail, and hike clockwise around Laurel Lake . Moderate hikers start at Rte 34 and follow the route of the long hikers to Laurel Lake. The bus will be parked at the base of the dam. There is an optional stop at Peters Orchard after the hike.

Est.: 10 miles, 1200' elevation gain and 8 miles, 1000' elevation gain. PATC Map 2-3. Fare: $20/$25.

Leader: Josh Silverman betula54@msn.com, 703-582-3456

October 28 - Robertson Mountain, SNP, VA

Moderate hikers walk around the mountain, starting at Nethers and going up the Corbin Hollow Trail and down the Old Rag and Weakley Hollow fire roads. Long hikers ascend the steep Robertson Mtn. Trail to the top, from which they can view the majesty of the mountains. They then descend the Corbin Mtn. and Nicholson Hollow Trails to Nethers.

Est.: 11 miles, 2700' elevation and 8.5 miles, 2300' elevation. There are options for both the long and moderate hikers to do shorter hikes. For example, the moderates can climb Robertson Mtn. from Old Rag fire road (about 8.5 miles, over 2000' elevation) or go out and back on Weakley Hollow fire road. PATC Map 10. Fare: $20/$25 plus park fee or pass.

Leaders: Jeff Thompson, jefferyathompson@comcast.net, 703-859-0157 and Ned Alford, nedinrus@yahoo.com, 703- 604-2744 (VA)

November 4 - Washington Monument and Lambs Knoll, MD

Set clock back one hour. Walk south on the Appalachian Trail toward Gathland State Park, taking in some beautiful fall-time views of the surrounding country side on the way. We should be conscious of the spirits of the gallant Civil War soldiers who fell at various points along the trail. Moderate hikers start at Rt. 40A and climb Lambs Knoll on their way to Gathland State Park. Long hikers start farther north at Rt. 40 and climb over the knobs around and at Washington Monument.

Est.: 12 miles, 2000' elevation and 7 miles, 1000' elevation. PATC Maps 5 & 6. Fare: $20/$25.

Leaders: Emil Friberg, emilfriberg@hotmail.com, 202-812-8990 and Marsha Johnstonmwjohnston1@gmail.com, 619-855-0669 (MD)

November 11 - AT, Tom Floyd Wayside to Gravel Springs Gap, VA

Long hikers will start at the 4H Center on Route 602 to the AT, where they will turn south and go to Gravel Springs, passing Jenkins Gap and traversing North and South Marshall. Moderate hikers start Lands Run Gap and take the Dickey Ridge trail east to the A-T and join long hikers to Gravel Springs. Both hikes will go over Compton Peak, where hikers have an option of taking a side trail to view the magnificent basalt columns.

Est.: 13 miles, 3000' elevation and 9 miles, 2000' elevation. PATC Map 9. Fare $20/$25 (fee-free day for SNP, so no additional fee or pass needed).

Leaders: Mike Ollinger, edward_ollieollie@yahoo.com, 301-933-2196 and Anna Ollingeranika_o_99@yahoo.com, 301-933-2196 (VA)

November 18 - Little Devils Stairs and the Appalachian Trail, SNP, VA

Long hikers start at Little Hogback Overlook and proceed along the AT, Piney Ridge, Fork Mountain, and Hull School Trails to the Keyser Run Fire Road and the bottom of the Stairs, crossing Piney River along the way. Moderate hikers also begin at Little Hogback Overlook and take the AT, Sugarloaf Trail, and Pole Bridge Link Trail to the Keyser Run Fire Road. Both long and moderate hikers go via the fire road to the AT. Both groups have the option of using the Little Devils Stairs Trail, which will add a mile and about 500 feet of ascent. The AT is then taken to the bus and cool drinks at Little Hogback Overlook.

Est.: 13 miles, 3200' elevation gain and 9 miles, 2000' elevation gain. PATC Map 9. Fare: $20/$25 plus park fee or pass.

Leaders: Bob Malkowski, bmalkowski@cox.net, 703-731-9983 and Chris Bublitz, cbublitz4@comcast.net, 240-687-3390 (VA)

November 25 - Manassas National Battlefield Park, VA

Long hikers do the First and Second Manassas Trails (about 11.5 miles, minimal elevation). Moderate hikers do the First Manassas Trail and a loop of Henry Hill (about 6 miles, minimal elevation).

Fare: $20/$25.

Leaders: Annetta DePompa, hikerfool@yahoo.com, 410-535-5171 and Jeannie Fauntleroy, jeannie.fauntleroy@outlook.com, 703-851-6592 (VA)

December 2 - Sherman Gap, Massanutten-Tuscarora, and Shawl Gap Trails, GWNF, VA

All hikers go south on route 613 and then turn right to ascend Sherman Gap Trail. At the ridge, Long hikers continue on Sherman Gap Trail and descend to Botts Trail. At Massanutten-Tuscarora Trail, they turn right to return to the ridge, and then descend Shawl Gap Trail to the bus at route 613. At the ridge, moderate hikers turn right and follow Massanutten-Tuscarora Trail north to Shawl Gap Trail which they descend to the bus.

Est.: 12 miles, 2500' elevation and 8.5 miles, 1800' elevation. PATC Map G. Fare: $20/$25.

Leaders: Larry Miller, prpltoupee@sprintmail.com, 240-353-3143 and Vicky Hsu, hhueichi@gmail.com, 240-370-7011 (VA)

December 9 - Harpers Ferry, Tri-State, VA, WV, MD

This hike has a taste of Virginia (5 mile ridge walk on the AT starting at Keys Gap), West Virginia (where hikers have a bit of time to wander the historical town) and Maryland (3 miles on the C&O Towpath). The moderate and long hikes are exactly the same, but the long hike also has a 1200 foot scamper up the historic Maryland Heights.

Est.: 13.5 miles, 2200' elevation and 10 miles, 1000' elevation. PATC Map 7. Fare: $20/$25

Leaders: Rennie Peddie, rennietp@gmail.com, 786-457-3793 and Kay Westonkweston70@gmail.com, 240-381-7845 (MD)

December 16 - Potomac Heritage Trail, VA

Long hikers will start at Algonkian Regional Park. Moderate hikers will start at Seneca Park off of Seneca Rd. All hikers will follow the Potomac Heritage trail east to Great Falls National Park. At GFNP there is a visitor center and overlooks of the falls.

Est.: 11 miles, 700' elevation and 8 miles, 500' elevation.

Leaders: Kiko Alvarezkiko_a_c@yahoo.com, 607-279-3455 and Susana Mendez, susaname@yahoo.com, 607-279-4363 (VA)

December 23 - Rock Creek Park, DC. (Carpool – Metro hike)

Hike starts at 9:00 a.m. We will meet outside the Cleveland Park Metro. We will start our hike by walking 2 blocks north past Ordway Street and then turning right onto Melvin Hazen Trail into Rock Creek Park. Hikers then trek north on Valley Trail overlooking Rock Creek’s east bank and return south via the Western Ridge Trail along the creek’s west bank. Moderate hikers cross Rock Creek to head south at Milkhouse Ford (shortly after Military Rd), and long hikers cross the creek to go south at Boundary Bridge on the Maryland-DC border.

Est.: 12.5 miles, 2000' elevation and 8 miles, 1400' elevation. Shorter options available. PATC Map N. Hike fee: $5. For map, see this link: https://goo.gl/maps/BHtUQ9J3H882

Leaders: Austin Doyle, 202-248-2171 and Elisa Braver, (email Elisa with questions) elisabraver@gmail.com, 202-248-2171

December 30 - Sugarloaf Mountain, MD (Carpool hike)

Meet 9:00 a.m. at Grosvenor Metro to form carpools. The carpools will then meet at the West View Parking area. Both hikes will start by going to the Summit. Moderate hiker will descend on the Red trail to the Northern Peaks trail. Long hikers will descend on the Red trail to the Mountain Loop trail until they reach the blue and white trail. The hikes will rejoin at the Blue trail then do a loop consisting of Blue, Purple, Yellow, Blue and take the stairs to West View Parking area.

Est.: 9.5 miles, 2100' and 6 miles, 1400'. Sugarloaf Mountain Map. Fee: $5.

Leaders: Jesse Buckwalter, JXJunkMail@gmail.com, 443-852-4094 and Pat Fairfax, pafairfax@aol.com, 703-328-1501