Hike Schedule Fall 2019

October 6 — Dead Woman Hollow – Pine Grove Furnace, Adams County, PA.

This hike along the Appalachian Trail traverses a beautiful wooded area with a s-p-o-o-k-y name. All hikers start at the AT junction with Shippensburg Road. A self guided hike can be taken north on the AT to Pine Grove Furnace State Park. Long and Moderate hikers walk north and turn right onto Dead Woman Hollow Road. Moderate hikers will turn left onto Dead Woman Hollow Trail. Long hikers will continue along Dead Woman Hollow Road and left onto the Blueberry Trail. Long and Moderate hikers will connect at Dead Woman Hollow TRail and Blueberry Trail at Michner Cabin. Follow access road and turn right onto the AT. Proceed north to Pine Grove Furnace. Hike end will be at Pine Grove Furnace Park

Est.: 11 miles, 1300’ elevation; 9.5 miles, 700’ elevation. PATC Map 2-3. Fare: $20/$25.

Leaders: Josh Silverman, betula54@msn.com, 703-582-3456 and Michael Roehm, miroehm@gmail.com, 301-223-7385. (MD)

October 13 - Appalachian Trail Hightop to Ivy Creek, SNP, VA.

Enjoy the 3 day weekend by exploring the Southern Shenandoah National Park with this hike. Long hikers begin at the parking lot for the Hightop Mountain picnic area and ascend Hightop Mountain, taking a brief spur trail for a view at the summit. They descend to the Smith Roach Gap, where they will be joined by the moderate hikers. All hikers then continue south along the AT enjoying the Trail and ascending to Ivy Creek Overlook.

Est.: 12 miles, 2920’ elevation; 8.6 miles, 2000’ elevation. PATC Map 11. Fare: $20/$25 plus park fee or pass. L

Leaders: Robert Holley, reilex@yahoo.com, 703-239-0131 and Chris Bublitz, cbublitz4@comcast.net, 240-687-3390. (VA)

October 20 - Massanutten East and Strickler Knob, GWNF, VA.

Enjoy panoramic views of the southern Massanutten, South Fork Shenandoah River, Page Valley, and the Blue Ridge. All hikers start at Scothorn Gap. The long hikers go north toward Gap Creek before heading toward the Massanutten East Trail and then south to the Middle Mountain area. Then they take the out-and-back trail to Strickler Knob, before continuing south on the Massanutten to the end at Route 211. Moderate hikers head directly to the Massanutten East Trail and take the out-and-back trail to Strickler Knob. They then double back on the Massanutten East Trail and follow the long hikers’ route to the bus at Route 211. An easier option is to follow the path of the moderate hikers but skip Strickler Knob (about 5.5 miles).

Est.: 12 miles, 2200’ elevation; 8 miles, 1600’ elevation. PATC Map G. Fare: $20/$25

Leaders: Bob Malkowski, bmalkowski@cox.net, 703-731-9983 and Jeannie Fauntleroy, jeannie.fauntleroy@outlook.com, 703-851-6592. (VA)

October 27 - Tuscarora Trail, Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area, WV.

Sleepy Creek is a remote West Virginia wildlife management area teeming with small game, pheasant, grouse and turkey. Moderate hikers start at the Pack Horse Trail Parking area and take the Pack Horse Trail north to the High Rock Trail to the Tuscarora Trail, then hike southward and descend by the Millrace Trail back to the bus. Long hikers follow the same path for the first few miles, but halfway up High Rock Trail take an Equestrian Trail north to the Tuscarora Trail. They then hike south on the Tuscarora Trail and after two miles rejoin the moderate route.

Est.: 11.5 miles, 1500’ elevation; 8 miles, 1300’ elevation. PATC Map L. Fare: $20/$25

Leaders: Jeff Thompson, jefferyathompson@comcast.net, 703-859-0157 and Roslyn Rubin, roslynva@gmail.com, 703-298-7780. (VA)

November 3 — Sams Ridge and Hot Short Trails, Central SNP, VA

Remember to set clocks back for DST.

The hike will explore the Hazel country in the Shenandoah National Park, passing remnants of old cabins/chimneys and stone fences. Both hikes start on Rte. 600 , Hungry Horse Road and ascend Sams Ridge, to Hazel Mountain Trail to the Catlett Mountain Trail. At Catlett Mountain, the hikes diverge. Moderate hikers continue on the Hazel Mountain to the Hot Short Trail, passing ruins of 2 old chimneys descending to Nicholson Hollow and walking along the creek to the parking area at Nethers. Long hikers will take the Catlett Mountain Trail and Catlett Spur Trail to Hazel Mountain Trail, where they will return to Sams Ridge, pass Sams Ridge and Catlett Mountain Trails before following the path of the moderate hikers.

Est.: 12–12.6 miles, 2550’ elevation; 8.6–9 miles, 1900’ elevation. PATC Map 10. Fare: $20/$25.

Leaders: Michael Ollinger, edward_ollieollie@yahoo.com, 301-933-2196 and Anna Ollinger, anika_o_99@yahoo.com, 301-933-2196. (VA)

November 10 — Prince William NF, VA

Prince William Forest Park is a beautiful spot for a Fall walk. We will view rapids and small waterfalls along Quantico Creek as the creek falls from the piedmont to the coastal plane. We will start and end at the Visitor Center/Pine Grove Picnic Area. Please note this differs from the original hike schedule as we realized there was not enough room to park the bus at the Turkey Run Educational Center. All hikers will start on the Laurel Trail and turn right on the South Valley Trail. When we reach Quantico creek, we will head North on the North Valley Trail following the creek until Burma Road. We will then head southwest on Burma Road and Taylor Farm Road until meeting up with the South Valley Trail. We will complete our circuit hike along the South Valley Trail as it follows the South Fork Quantico Creek. Long hikers will add an extra loop turning right on the High Meadows Trail from Taylor Farm Road until reaching South Valley Trail.

Est.: 13 miles, 1500' elevation; 10 miles, 1200' elevation. Prince William Map. Fare: $20/$25, plus park fee/pass.

Leaders: JL Morris, morrisjl@msn.com, 240-507-3079 and Debbie Wallace, deborahawallace@hotmail.com, 301-318-1526. (VA)

November 17 — Dellinger Gap to Trout Pond Recreation Area, GWNF, WV

Enjoy another West Virginia hike on the North Mountain, ending at Trout Pond Recreation Area. All hikers begin at Dellinger Gap, follow a dirt road to Falls Ridge Trail, ascending steeply to the North Mountain Trail, turn right on North Mountain, where the hikes diverge. Moderate hikers bear right and enjoy a ridge walk to Route 59. On Route 59, hikers bear left and continue to the Trout Pond Trail, turn right, and walk through the camping area and to the bus. Meanwhile, long hikers travel very briefly on the North Mountain Trail, turn right to descend Stack Rock Trail, turn left at Laurel Run Spur Trail, and left again at Laurel Run Trail to return to the intersection of North Mountain Trail and Route 59, where they follow the path of the moderate hikers. An easier option is to hike out and back or loop from Trout Pond Recreation Area.

Est.: 11.5–12 miles, strenuous; 9.5 miles, strenuous. PATC Map F. Fare: $20/$25.

Leaders: Annetta Depompa, hikerfool@yahoo.com, 410-535-5171 and John Hanley, jchanley54@gmail.com, 703-250-7999. (VA)

November 24—Browns Hollow and Massanutten Mountain, GWNF, VA

Starting at Route 211, the long hikers explore the southern Massanutten Mountains by taking the Massanutten South Trail to its intersection with Browns Hollow Trail. Heading south, they complete a clockwise loop by following Roaring Run, the Massanutten Road, and Bird Knob before returning to the Massanutten Trail and the Visitor Center. The moderate hikers do a cir- cuit starting at the Visitor Center. They head south on the Massanutten Trail and follow the path of the long hikers from Bird Knob back to the Visitor Center. Dramatic overlook on the way back.

Est.: 11–12 miles, 2800’ elevation; 8 miles, 1600’ elevation. PATC Map H. Fare: $20/$25.

Leaders: Christian Buerger, buerger.fall.2019@gmail.com, 571-222-5926 and Vicky Hsu, hhueichi@gmail.com, 240-370-7011. (VA)

December 1 — Big Devils Stairs, Bluff and Mount Marshall Trails, SNP, VA

The best times to see the views at Big Devils Stairs are early spring and late autumn, when the trees are bare of foliage. Moderate hikers start at Jenkins Gap, walk for 300 ft. south on Skyline Drive and turn left down the Mount Marshall Fire Road (which becomes Mount Marshall Trail), turn right (south) on the Bluff Trail (frequent views east), and left on the Big Devils Stairs. Hikers descend the Stairs (frequent views east) to the first overlook, then climb back up and turn left onto the Bluff Trail to Gravel Springs Gap. They then follow Skyline Drive for 1/3 mile to Range View Overlook. Long hikers will start at Compton Gap on the AT and hike 2 miles south to Jenkins Gap, where they follow the moderate path.

Est.: 11.5–12 miles, 2500–2700’ elevation; 9.5 miles, 2200’ elevation. PATC Map 9. Fare: $20/$25, plus park fee/pass.

Leaders: Alec Cloyd, ajwcloyd@gmail.com, 540-220-4575 and Emil Friberg, emilfriberg@hotmail.com, 202-812-8990, and Marsha Johnston, mwjohnston1@gmail.com, 619-855-0669. (VA)

December 8 — Catoctin Mountain to Cunningham Falls, Thurmont, MD

All hikers start at Manor Area Campground on Rte.15 and follow the Catoctin Trail past Bob’s Hill. After a short distance, they leave the Catoctin and turn right and pass Cat Rock, cross Rte. 77, and continue past Chimney and Wolf Rocks. They turn left at Thurmont Vista and follow the trail to the visitor center. Moderate hikers end here. Long hikers take Falls Nature Trail and turn right to pass Hog Rock and Blue Ridge Summit Overlook, and then follow the trail to the visitor center.

Est.: 12 miles, 2600’ elevation; 8.5 miles, 2000’ elevation. PATC Map 5–6. Fare: $20/$25.

Leaders: Wendy Gasch, awtg@aol.com, 202-363-4446 and Susan Whiteman, Susanwhiteman1@gmail.com, 240-723-5091. (MD)

December 15 — Elkwallow Circuit, featuring Thornton River and Piney Ridge Trails, SNP, VA

This hike showcases some of the trails near Elkwallow where people lived before the park was created. Long hikers start at Elkwallow, travel south on AT to Thornton River Trail. Then, they descend to Skyline Drive, where they meet the moderate hikers. Both hikes hike down Thornton River to Hull School Trail, passing ruins of old cars and stone fences. Hikers then take Hull School Trail to Fork Mountain. From here, the hikers ascend Fork Mountain to Piney Ridge Trail. Shortly after joining the Piney Ridge Trail, there is a cemetary on the left to explore before ascending to the AT, where they travel south to Elkwallow.

Est.: 10.5 miles, 2300’ elevation; 7.4 miles, 1600’ elevation. PATC Map 9. Fare: $20/$25, plus park fee/pass.

Leaders: Geoffrey Wilcox, glwilcox61@gmail.com, 571-645-9586 and Jim Fitzsimmons, jlafitz@verizon.com, 703-465-9022. (VA)

December 22—Rock Creek Park, DC

Meet on site. Hike starts at 9:00

Join us for an in-town hike exploring DC’s Rock Creek Park. We will meet outside the Cleveland Park Metro. We will start our hike by walking 2 blocks north past Porter Street, and then turning right onto Melvin Hazen Trail into Rock Creek Park. Hikers then trek north on Valley Trail overlooking Rock Creek’s east bank, and return south via the Western Ridge Trail along the creek’s west bank. Moderate hikers cross Rock Creek to head south at Milkhouse Ford (shortly after Military Rd), and long hikers cross the creek to go south at Boundary Bridge on the Maryland-DC border. Shorter options available. For map, see this link.

Est.: 12.5 miles, 2000’ elevation; 8 miles, 1400’ elevation. PATC Map N. Admin Fee: $5.

Leader: Elisa Braver, elisabraver@gmail.com, 301-793-4935. (DC)

December 29—Great Falls, VA.

Bus hike

Enjoy a local hike with views of the Great Falls. Hike starts at the Great Falls parking lot next to the Great Falls Park Visitor Center in VA . The long hike will include the Riverbend Park loop, overlooks of Great Falls, and the Difficult Run loop. The moderate hike will include the Riverbend Park loop, overlooks of Great Falls, and some of the Difficult Run loop.

Est.: 11–12 miles, 1000’ elevation; 7–8 miles, 800’ elevation. Great Falls map. Fare: $20/$25, plus park fee/pass.

Leaders: Larry Miller, prpltoupee@sprintmail.com, 240-353-3143 and Laura Heaton, lauraheaton41@gmail.com, 571-212-2592. (VA)