Wanderbirds Hiking Club

Hike Schedule Summer 2017

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All outings depart 17th & K Streets at 8:00 am sharp unless otherwise noted. VA=suburban pickup in Virginia; MD=suburban pickup in Maryland (see maps of pickup points). Hikes marked MD & VA will pick up at both suburban locations. Hikers should be at suburban pickup points by 8:20 am.

You don't need be a WB member to join us on a hike!
FIRST-TIME HIKERS: PLEASE PHONE a leader at one of the telephone numbers listed at the end of the hike description.
ALL OTHERS: By email or phone. It is club policy that hikers new to the club will take the moderate hike. If you sign up for a hike, don't be a no-show! (click here for no-show policy).

Please try to sign up before 4:00 pm Friday afternoon before the hike! Otherwise the hike may be cancelled due to low number of sign-ups. And PLEASE don't call leaders after 9:00 PM!

Rating of hikes based on elevation and terrain. Easy: less than 1,000 ft elevation gain. Intermediate: less than 2,000 ft elevation gain. Strenuous: 2,000+ ft elevation gain. Rating may vary with weather and terrain. For advice, consult the leader at the phone number provided.

October 1 Susquehanna State Park, MD. Starting from Shures Landing, we will pass a popular area for eagle sighting as we head downstream (south) on the Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenways Trail. Then we'll add a loop on the Deer Creek Trail before heading south on the Susquehanna Ridge Trail. Both hikes will do a loop before ending at the Rock Run Mill. Moderate hikers will take the Rock Run Trail and turn left on the Land of Promise Trail back to the mill. Long hikers will also take the Rock Run Trail, but turn right on the Land of Promise Trail and continue to the Susquehanna Ridge Trail's north endpoint, using the latter to return to Rock Run Mill. Est. miles: Long 13 miles, 1400' elevation and Moderate 9.5, 1000' elevation. Susquehanna State Park Map. Fare: $20/$25.. Leaders: Josh Silverman, betula54@msn.com, 703-582-3456 and miroehm@gmail.com, 301-223-7385 (MD).

October 8 Rose Rivers and Fishers Gap, Central SNP, VA. Hike the beautiful Rose River and nearby trails as you admire three waterfalls and some beautiful overviews. All hikers start at the Crescent Rock Overlook and follow the A-T to Fishers Gap. Hikers then go left and descend on the Rose River trail, passing Rose River Falls and continuing on to the Rose River Fire Road. At this point both groups can visit the Dark Hollow Falls, but then they split. Moderate hikers follow the Rose River Fire Road to Fishers Gap and a waiting bus. Long hikers ascend the Dark Hollow Falls Trail to Skyline Drive and follow it a short distance to Lewis Falls Road. Long hikers then descend the Lewis Falls Road to the intersection with the A-T, and continue on Lewis Falls Road to Lewis Falls Trail. After a steep descent, long hikers visit the Lewis Falls. Returning to Lewis Falls trail, long hikers ascend it to the A-T and follow the A-T back to the bus at Fishers Gap. Long Est. miles: 12.2 (2,900 feet elevation) and Moderate Est. Miles: 7.8 (1,600). PATC Map10. Fare: $20/$25, Leaders: Mike Ollinger, edward_ollieollie@yahoo.com, 301-933-2196; Anna Oldak, anika_o_99@yahoo.com, 301-933-2196 (VA).

October 15 Sky Meadows and Lost Mountain, VA. We will do a series of trails in the seldom visited Lost Mountain section of Sky Meadows State Park. After the hike we will stop at Blue Valley Oak Winery (http://www.bluevalleyvineyardandwinery.com/) for a wine tasting. Tastings for those who wish to do so are $16. When signing up, please indicate if you will be doing the tasting. Note that you may purchase wine or snacks at Blue Valley Oak Winery without participating in a tasting. Est. miles: Long 9 miles, less than 1000' elevation and Moderate 7 miles, less than 800' elevation. PATC Map 8. Fare $20/25. Leaders: Josh Silverman, betula54@msn.com, 703-582-3456 and Laura Heaton, lauraheaton41@gmail.com, 571-217-2592 (VA).

October 22 Appalachian Trail, Linden, VA. This hike, with vistas of the Virginia Piedmont, incorporates woods and scenic meadows and skirts High Knob Mountain and the National Zoo’s Conservation and Research Center. Moderate hikers start at the AT junction with Rt. 55 and hike south 8 miles to VA 522 (Chester Gap). Long hikers start at the Ted Lake parking lot on Rt. 688, ascend the Ted Lewis Trail to the AT and then follow the AT south to Rt. 522. Est. miles: Long 12.5 miles, 2200' elevation and Moderate 8 miles, 1200' elevation. PATC Map 8. Fare: $20/25. Leaders: Jeff Thompson, jefferyathompson@comcast.net, 703-859-0157 and Michael Roehm, miroehm@gmail.com, 301-223-7385 (VA).

October 29 Little Devils Stairs, SNP, VA. Welcome Halloween by getting in the spirit with a hike featuring some of the historic cemeteries in Shenandoah National Park and ascending the Little Devil's Stairs. The hike leaders will be setting up a variation on our usual hike in this area, with details to be announced. The hikes will feature the climb up Little Devils Stairs and will stop by the historic Bolen cemetery. The hikes will end at Little Hogback Overlook. Est. miles: Long 12 miles, 3200' elevation and Moderate 9 miles, 2000’ elevation. PATC Map 9. Fare: $20/$25 and park fee or pass. Leaders: Annetta DePompa, hikerfool@yahoo.com, 410-535-5171 and Chris Bublitz, cbublitz4@comcast.net, 240-687-3390 (VA).

November 5 Appalachian Trail, Black Rock Cliffs, Annapolis Rocks, MD. Moderate hikers start at Wolfsville Rd. and end at the bridge at I-70. Moderates will proceed south on the Appalachian Trail, passing Black Rock Cliffs and Annapolis Rocks. Long hikers start at Raven Rocks Rd., hike an additional four miles south on the AT, and then follow the path of the moderate hikers and end at I-70. Est. miles: Long 13 miles, 1500' elevation and Moderate 9.5 miles, 1000' elevation. PATC Map 5. Fare: $20/25. Leaders: JL Morris, morrisjl@msn.com, 240-507-3079 and Vicky Hsu, hhueichi@gmail.com, 240-370-7011 (MD).

November 12 Robertson Mtn. Circuit, SNP, VA. Moderate hikers walk around the mountain, starting at Nethers and going up the Corbin Hollow Trail and down the Old Rag and Weakley Hollow fire roads. Long hikers ascend the steep Robertson Mtn. Trail to the top, from which they can view the majesty of the mountains. They then descend the Corbin Mtn. and Nicholson Hollow Trails to Nethers. Est. miles: Long 11 miles, 2700' elevation and Moderate 8.5 miles, 2300' elevation. There are options for both the long and moderate hikers to do shorter hikes. For example, the moderates can climb Robertson Mtn. from Old Rag fire road (about 8.5 miles, over 2000' elevation) or go out and back on Weakley Hollow fire road. PATC Map 10. Fare $20/$25 plus park fee or pass. Leaders: Kathryn Good, avignon7@aol.com, 571-218-9225 and Rennie Peddie, rennietp@gmail.com, 786-457-3793 ( VA).

November 19 Signal Knob, GWNF, VA This hike takes us to the beautiful Massanutten Mountains. All hikers start at the Signal Knob Parking area and ascend the Massanutten trail. Moderate hikers will turn left onto Meneka Peak Trail and follow it to the Tuscarora Trail, which they descend to the bus at the Signal Knob Parking area. Long hikers will continue on Signal Knob trail to admire the view, then they will continue on the Massanutten Trail to the Tuscarora Trail, which they follow to the parking lot. Est. miles: Long 10.5 miles, 2200' elevation and Moderate 8.5, 1600' elevation. Map: PATC Map G. Fare: $20/25. Leaders: Claire MacDonald, cmacd4151@gmail.com, 301-233‐2571 and Annetta DePompa, hikerfool@yahoo.com, 410-535-5171 (VA).

November 26 Billy Goat Trail, Montgomery Co, MD (Carpool hike) MD Hike starts at 9 am. Carpool to parking lot opposite Old Angler’s Inn. We will hike Billy Goat Trails A (rock scramble), B and C along the Potomac River. Sections B & C will be hiked first. After a stop at the Great Falls Overlook, moderate hikers will return to Old Angler’s Inn by the C&O Towpath; long hikers will add on the River Trail and also return by the towpath. Est. miles: Long 13 miles and Moderate 9.5 miles, minimal elevation gain for both hikes, but very rocky. PATC Map D. Hike fee: $5. Leaders: Kiko Alvarez, kiko_a_c@yahoo.com, 607-279-3455 and Susana Mendez, susaname@yahoo.com, 607-279-4363 (MD)

December 3 Catoctin Trail, Hamburg Road to Manor Area, MD Long hikers start at the intersection of Gambrill Park and Hamburg Roads and follow Hamburg Road to the Catoctin Trail, which they go north over rolling hills and past picturesque lakes to the Manor Area. Moderate hikers follow the route of the long hikers, starting further along at Delauter Road. Est. miles: Long 11 miles, 1200' and Moderate 7.5 miles, 1000' elevation. PATC Map 5. Fare: $20/25. Leaders: Robert Holley, reilex@yahoo.com, 571-247-2172 and Debbie Wallace, deborahawallace@hotmail.com 301-318-1526 (MD).

December 10 Elkwallow Circuit via Piney Branch and Piney Ridge, SNP, VA This hike starts and ends at Elkwallow for the long hikers. Following the AT north, long hikers will travel clockwise along Piney Branch, Hull School, Fork Mtn, and Piney Ridge Trails ending up intersecting the AT which they will take south back to Elkwallow. Moderate hikers will start at Rattlesnake Point Overlook and follow the AT south a short distance to Piney Branch Trail and follow the same route of the long hikers to Elkwallow. Est. miles: Long 11 miles, 2490’ elevation and Moderate 8.5 miles and 1740’ elevation, PATC Map 9. Fare $20/$25 plus park fee or pass. Leaders: Jesse Buckwalter, JXJunkMail@gmail.com, 443-852-4094 and Josh Silverman, betula54@msn.com, 703-582-3456 (VA).

December 17 Potomac Heritage Trail and Scotts Run Nature Preserve, VA Long hikers start at Theodore Roosevelt Island and take the Potomac Heritage Trail. They hike the entire trail, follow Live Oak Road, and continue into Scotts Run Nature Preserve to enjoy river views and a waterfall. Moderate hikers start at Gulf Branch Nature Center and follow the route of the long hikers. Est miles: Long 13.5 miles, 1000' elevation and Moderate 9.5 miles and 800' elevation. PATC Map D. Fare: $20/$25. Leaders: Bob Malkowski, bmalkowski@cox.net, 703-731-9983 and Jeannie Fauntleroy, jeannie.fauntleroy@outlook.com, 703-851-6592 (VA)

December 24 Rock Creek Park, DC. (Carpool – Metro hike) DC Hike starts at 9:00 a.m. We will meet outside the Cleveland Park Metro. We will start our hike by walking 2 blocks north past Ordway Street and then turning right onto Melvin Hazen Trail into Rock Creek Park. Hikers then trek north on Valley Trail overlooking Rock Creek’s east bank and return south via the Western Ridge Trail along the creek’s west bank. Moderate hikers cross Rock Creek to head south at Milkhouse Ford (shortly after Military Rd), and long hikers cross the creek to go south at Boundary Bridge on the Maryland-DC border. Est. miles: Long 12.5 miles, 2000' elevation and Moderate 8 miles, 1400' elevation. Shorter options are available. PATC Map N. Hike fee: $5. After the hike, Elisa and Austin invite you back to their home for snacks and drinks. For map, see this link: https://goo.gl/maps/BHtUQ9J3H882. Leaders: Austin Doyle and Elisa Braver, 202-248-2171, elisabraver@gmail.com.(DC). If you have any questions regarding the after hike party please email Elisa. No need to RSVP.

December 31 Sugarloaf Mountain, MD (Carpool hike) Meet 9:00 a.m. at Grosvenor Metro to form carpools. The carpools will then meet at the West View Parking area. Both hikes will start by going to the Summit. Moderate hiker will descend on the Red trail to the Northern Peaks trail. Long hikers will descend on the Red trail to the Mountain Loop trail until they reach the blue and white trail. The hikes will rejoin at the Blue trail then do a loop consisting of Blue, Purple, Yellow, Blue and take the stairs to West View Parking area. Est. miles: Long 9.5miles, 2100' elevation and Moderate 6 miles, 1400' elevation. Sugarloaf Mountain Map. Fee: $5. Leaders: Jeff Thompson, jefferyathompson@comcast.net and Pat Fairfax, pafairfax@aol.com, 703-328-1501 (MD)