Hike Schedule Summer 2019

All outings depart 17th & K Streets at 8:00 am sharp unless otherwise noted. In the description VA indicates suburban pickup in Virginia while MD means suburban pickup in Maryland (see maps of pickup points). Hikes marked MD & VA will pick up at both suburban locations. Hikers should be at suburban pickup points by 8:20 am.

You don't need be a WB member to join us on a hike!

To reserve:

First time hikers please call a leader at one of the telephone numbers listed at the end of the hike description. All otheres can reserve by email or phone.

It is club policy that hikers new to the club will take the moderate hike. If you sign up for a hike, don't be a no-show! (click here for no-show policy). Please try to sign up before 4:00 pm Friday afternoon before the hike! Otherwise the hike may be cancelled due to low number of sign-ups. And PLEASE don't call leaders after 9:00 PM!

The distance and the elevation of the hikes are estimates.

July 7 - Pole Steeple and Fuller Lake, PA

Hikes cover a section of the AT in PA going south from the Boiling Springs area to Pine Grove Furnace. Long hikers start at PA 94, and moderate hikers start at PA 34. Hikes will travel south on AT. When reaching Pole Steeple hikers do a quick out and back to enjoy views from Pole Steeple before descending to the Pine Grove Furnace area. At the end hikers can visit the AT Museum, General Store and Swimming available at Fuller Lake

Est.: 10-11 miles, 1400’ elevation and 8-9 miles, 1300’ elevation. PATC map 2-3. Fare: $20/$25.

Leaders: Kiko Alvarez, kiko_a_c@yahoo.com, 607-279-3455 or Susana Mendez, susaname@yahoo.com, 607-279-4363. (MD)

July 14 - South River Falls, SNP, VA

Both hikes will wander past the old ruins/mission site on Pocsin Trail, then continue to South River Falls. After visiting the Falls (can do a quick swim), Ascend to the Bus. Long hikers start at the South River Falls Picnic area and travel North on the AT to join the moderate hikers at the Pocosin Fire Road. Both hikes will take the Pocosin Fire road, Pocosin Trail, the South River Falls Fire Road and Trail, before taking the AT back to South River Falls Picnic Area.

Est.: 10-11 miles, 2300’ elevation and 7-8 miles, 1000’ elevation. PATC map 10. Fare: $20/$25 plus park fee.

Leaders: JL Morris, morrisjl@msn.com, 240-507-3079 or Debbie Wallace, deborahawallace@hotmail.com, 301-318-1526. (VA)

July 21 - Corbin Mt to Nicholson Hollow, SNP, VA

Hikes will descend from the ridge using different paths before joining at the Corbin Mt Trail and descending to the Hughes River and the Nicholson Hollow Trail. From the Nicholson Hollow Trail hikers can enjoy a dip at the swimming hole before continuing to Nethers and the bus. Long hikers will start on the AT At Pinacles Picnic Area and Travel South to Corbin Cut-off Trail descending to the Corbin Cabin, then Ascend on Indian Run Trail to join the moderate hikers. Moderate hikers will start at the Skyland parking area taking the Skyland Big Meadows Horse Trail to the old Rag Fire road to the Corbin Mountain Trail.

Est.: 11.5 miles and 2300’ elevation and 8 miles and 1000' elevation. PATC map 10. Fare: $20/$25 plus park fee.

Leaders: Bob Malkowski, bmalkowski@cox.net, 703-731-9983 or Susan Whiteman, Susanwhiteman1@gmail.com, 240-723-5091. (VA)

July 28 - Elkwallow Hike Circuit with Upper Knob Mt, SNP, VA

Hikes will start and end at Elkwallow. Long hikers will take the AT, Piney Branch, Pole Link, Sugarloaf and Tuscarora Trails to Matthews Arm Trail. Moderate hikers will use the Elkwallow Trail, Traces Nature Trail to Matthews Arm Trail. Hikers will join at Matthews Arm Trail,. Both hikes will take Weedlewood, and Heiskle Hollow to the Knob Mt Trail to Knob Mountain cutoff, Jeremys Run, then AT to Elkwallow. Elkwallow has a little wayside that has ice cream for sale for those who would like an ice cream as a reward.

Est.: 11.5-12 miles, 2500’ elevation and 8.6 miles, 1700' elevation. PATC map 9. Fare: $20/$25 plus park fee.

Leaders: Wendy Gasch, awtg@aol.com, 202-363-4446 or Kay Weston, kweston70@gmail.com, 240-381-7845. (VA)

August 4 — AT in PA, North to Caledonia, PA

ia AT North from Old Forge Road and Buzzard Peaks past Snowy Mountain to Caledonia State Park. Long hikers will head north on the AT starting at Old Forge Road. After climbing the hill to Buzzard Peaks and traversing the AT on a long a ridge, they will join the moderate hikers starting at Snowy Mountain. Both groups of hikers will pass the rarely-hiked segment of the AT from Snowy Mountain to Caledonia Park. Upon entering the park, moderate hikers will make a loop around Ramble Trail and back to the AT where they join the long hikers climbing the hill. Both groups proceed to Locust Run Trail, Quarry Gap Road and back to the bus.

Est.: 13.5 miles, 2200’ elevation; 9.2 miles, 1300’ elevation. PATC Map 4, 2-3. Fare: $20/$25.

Leaders: Mike Ollinger, edward_ollieollie@yahoo.com, 301-933-2196 and Anna Ollinger, anika_o_99@yahoo.com, 301-933- 2196. (MD)

August 11 - Hughes River Gap to Nicholson Hollow, VA

Hikes will descend from the ridge at the Hughes River Gap Parking Area using side trails to get to Nicholson Hollow. Long hikers will do a loop around Stony Man, enjoying a quick view from Stony Man using the AT, Passamaquoddy, Furnace Spring Horse Trail and the AT before descending on Nicholson Hollow. Moderate hikers will use the AT to the Corbin Cutoff Trail descending to the Corbin Cabin and the Nicholson Hollow Trail. Both hikes will pass the Corbin Cabin on the Nicholson Hollow Trail before continuing to the swimming hole and Nethers.

Est.: 11-11.5 miles, 1600’ elevation; 9 miles, 1000’ elevation. PATC Map 10. Fare: $20/$25 plus park fee or pass. L

Leaders: Liz Festa, twodecks@comcast.net, 202-491-1115 and Robert Mattaino, rcmattaino@gmail.com, 443-254-0239. (VA)

August 18 — AT, Bootens Gap to Crescent Rocks

ks Hikes will cover a section of the AT in the central section of SNP. Long hikers will start at Bootens Gap and travel north to join the moderate hikers at Milam Gap. Both hikes continue north on the AT, ending at Crescent Rocks Overlook. Hikes will pass near Hawksbill Mt (highest point in the park). A side trip to Hawksbill can be added for another 2-2.5 miles.

Est.: 10.9 miles, 2000’ elevation; 7 miles, 1500’ elevation. PATC Map 10. Fare: $20/$25 plus park fee or pass.

Leaders: Christian Buerger, buerger.summer.2019@gmail.com, 571-222-5926 and George Saxton, george@saxfam.net, 703-855-0876. (VA)

August 25—Long Mt to Rockcliff Lake, GWNF, VA

Trout Pond, created by massive limestone sink holes, is West Virginia’s only natural lake, nestled in a little-visited area of mountains, streams and more sink holes. Hikers start at Trout Run Valley Road and ascend west onto the Long Mountain Trail to the junction with Trout Pond Trail. Moderate hikers turn onto the Trout Pond Trail and continue on Chimney Rock Trail to skirt around Rockcliff Lake in the Trout Pond Recreation Area (TPRA), terminating at the lake shore near the camping area. Long hikers continue on the Long Mountain Trail, making rights onto Trout Pond Road and Trout Pond Trail, and descend to enter the TPRA from the south. There is swimming at Rockcliff Lake near the end of the hike.

Est.: 12.5 miles, 2500’ elevation; 8.5 miles, 1500’ elevation. PATC Map F. Fare: $20/$25.

Leaders: Robert Holley, reilex@yahoo.com, 703-239-0131 and John Hanley, jchanley54@gmail.com, 703-250-7999. (VA)

September 1 — Riprap Trail (Labor Day weekend), VA

This hike combines stunning vistas along Calvary and Chimney Rocks, as well as a refreshing dip at a deep spring-fed swimming hole. All hikes end at the Moormans River Overlook, after doing a counterclockwise loop. Moderate hikers start at the Riprap Parking Area, hike three quarters of a mile south on the Appalachian Trail, turn right onto the Riprap Falls Trail, skirting Calvary and Chimney Rocks, before descending into Riprap Hollow (swimming hole). Hikers then ascend the Wildcat Ridge Trail to the Wildcat Ridge Parking Area and take a left on Skyline Drive to the overlook. Long hikers begin their hike at Moormans River Overlook and hike north on the AT before joining the beginning of the moderate hike 3 miles later.

Est.: 10 miles, 2200+’ elevation; 7 miles, 1800+’ elevation. PATC Map 11. Fare: $20/$25 plus park fee or pass.

Leaders: Annetta Depompa, hikerfool@yahoo.com, 410-535-5171 and at Fairfax, pafairfax@aol.com, 703-328-1501. (VA)

September 8 — Skyland Hike (Lunch Hike), SNP, VA

Long hikers will ascend the Meadow Springs Trail to the Appalachian Trail. Moderate hikers will start on the Appalachian Trail at Pinnacles Picnic Area. Both hikes will pass over the cliffs at Stony Man before ending at Skyland. Hikers will enjoy lunch at Skyland. Lunch details (how to sign-up, lunch options, and cost) will be provided separately.

Est.: 8 miles, 2350’ elevation; 5 miles, 1500’ elevation. PATC Map 10. Fare: $20/$25 plus park fee or pass. L

Leaders: Ned Ashford, Nedinrus@yahoo.com, 703-609-2744 and Michael Roehm, miroehm@gmail.com, 301-223-7385. (VA)

September 15 — AT, Gravel Springs to Beahms Gap, SNP, VA

Hikes will cover a section of the AT in the northern section of SNP. Hikers will travel south on the AT, ending at Beahms Gap. Long hikers will start at Gravel Springs and travel past Hogback overlook, where they will join the moderate hikers. Moderate hikers will start near the Hogback overlook and hike south on the AT, passing Elkwallow and continuing to Beahms Gap. There is an option for an out-and-back to the Byrds Nest 4 Shelter. Also, an easy option is available starting at Elkwallow

Est.: 12-13 miles, 2200-2300’ elevation; 9 miles, 1300-1400’ elevation. PATC Map 9. Fare: $20/$25 plus park fee or pass.

Leaders: Annetta Depompa, hikerfool@yahoo.com, 410-535-5171 and Roslyn Rubin. (VA)

September 22—Veach Gap to Elizabeth Furnace, VA

Hikes will be in the Massanuttens, starting at Veach Gap, taking the Veach Gap Trail to the Tuscarora and Massanutten Trails. Hikes will split with the moderates hiking up the ridge on the Massanutten/Tuscarora Trail toward Sherman Gap. The long hikers will ascend the ridge on the Massanutten/Tuscarora Trail passing the Little Crease Shelter, then descend to the road on the Tuscarora. After walking on the road, long hikers will ascend to the ridge on the Sherman Gap Trail to join the moderate hikers. Both hikes will meet at the ridge and descend the Sherman Gap Trail and Botts Trail to the Elizabeth Furnace Parking Area.

Est.: 12-13 miles, 2500’ elevation; 8.5-9 miles, 1500 -1800’ elevation. PATC Map G. Fare: $20/$25.

Leaders: Josh Silverman, betula54@msn.com, 703-582-3456 and Vicky Hsu, hhueichi@gmail.com, 240-370-7011. (VA)

September 29 — Harpers Ferry Hike\Winery Visit

Both hikes will start and end at the Harpers Ferry Visitor Center parking. Moderate and long hikers will use the trail from the visitor’s center to hike 1.5 miles into town. Both hikes will continue across the pedestrian bridge over the Potomac River and turn left and walk for .3 miles along the towpath. Then both hikes will take the pedestrian bridge over the canal and carefully cross Harpers Ferry Road. Moderate hikers will proceed directly to the Maryland Heights Overlook. Long hikers will ascend steeply to the Stone Fort before hiking down to the Overlook. Moderate hikers will retrace their steps to town and long hikers will follow the route of the moderates. From town, all hikers will take the shuttle bus to return to visitor’s parking.

Following the hike, we will stop at the Two Twisted Posts Winery (http://www.twotwistedposts.com/). The winery visit will be leisurely - 2 hours, or slightly more. Tastings will be $15. Please let the leaders know when signing-up if you will be doing the tasting. The hike leaders will be taking the tasting money along with the usual hike fare on the bus. Any additional details for the winery will be provided closer to the hike.

Est 8.3 mi / 1500 elevation gain, 6.8 mi / 900 elevation gain. PATC Map 7 Fare: $20/$25 plus park fee or multi-agency park pass, and tasting fee (if applicable).

Leaders: Larry Miller, prpltoupee@sprintmail.com, 240-353-3143 and Laura Heaton, lauraheaton41@gmail.com, 571-212-2592. (MD)