Bus Hikes are Resuming!

Starting in July 2022, we will be conducting Sunday bus hikes again.


That's the long-awaited good news. The other bit of good news is that non-members will once again be accepted on hikes, so people can have a chance to get to know us before deciding to join.
The Trailhead hikes that have sustained us through this hiatus are suspended, unless a bus is unavailable or can't be filled for a hike. We extend our deep appreciation to the members who designed, led and participated in these hikes.
Though fears about COVID have diminished recently with so many people vaccinated, the safety of all our hikers remains paramount for Wanderbirds. After careful consideration, our Health and Safety Committee has determined that we shall adopt three new provisions:

Please read the details about these new policies on our Policies page. If you have questions about our health and safety policies, you can contact our Health Coordinators at Health@wanderbirds.org.
To see the hike schedule and other information about the hikes, click the 'Hikes' dropdown menu at the top of this page, or click the green 'CURRENT SCHEDULE' button in the header.
NEW MEMBER SIGN-UP (and former member renewal)
If you want to join the Wanderbirds or renew your prior membership (all memberships prior to 2022 have since expired), please go to the Membership page.
It’s been a long two years, but we’re looking forward to re-establishing our bus hikes and post-hike celebrations in true Wanderbirds fashion. We hope to see you on the bus soon.
  -- Wanderbirds Executive Committee